A Social Imperative

Chick Boss was formed in 2010 by sisters Pat Pannell and Jeanne Sheridan to  provide training and living wage jobs for people from the remote village of San Andrés, on Lake Itza in Northern Guatemala. We know that anyone can be trained if they an eye for detail, an open mind and good work ethic. 

In 2020 our artisans became a division of Itza Wood, another social impact enterprise based in San Andrés. The partnership will provide the oversight and scalability to develop the Chick Boss brand and allow Chick Boss to produce hand-made art jewelry in a safe, consistent, and efficient manner. 

Innovation, Quality, Beauty

Co-founder Jeanne Sheridan, an accomplished artist and jewelry designer, challenged herself to design for production. She developed our initial training programs in cold connection metals and beading which are still used in all of our collections.

Founders Personal Story

Pat Pannell ventured to the small town of San Andrés in Northern Guatemala in the summer of 2001 for a 2 week Spanish immersion program. The easier pace of life combined with the generosity of the people lead her to venture back year after year.

On one of the visits she noticed that some of the 10 grand children of her hostess (and now dear friend) Lola,  were not attending school because they could not afford the cost of books and uniforms. Her response was to promise to provide for all their educations from that point forward. They have all completed  High School, one just earned a Masters Degree in Social Work, another will be earning a Bachelors Degree in Journalism next year and 2 others are in Law School.

Pat holds an MBA and has had a long career in Business Management and Accounting. On a visit to her Guatemalan family in 2009, she decided to start a business that could provide economic advancement for people from the region.

How We Got Our Name

“Chick Boss” is a nickname Pat was given by a late friend Bob Brayden; an outwardly gruff but lovely man who used to work for her. He called her “CB” for years, before anyone figured out what it meant. But the name also fits with our intent to empower women to take charge of their lives, destiny and look.

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