Mayalei Premier Jewelry

Lauren Cohan in Premier Jewelry

Actress Lauren Cohan in Chick Boss

Our Mayalei Premier Jewelry is unique and remarkable in multiple ways, including:

-inspired by Hawaiian, Mayan and Western Jewelry designs

-an innovative modular design allow the wearer to mix and match pieces

-exceptionally high quality materials and skillfully rendered details

-makes a difference by providing well paid work to woman and youth in Guatemala

The most direct inspiration for our Mayalei Premier Jewelry is the intricate hand sewn Ni’ihau shell lei’s. Our Mayalei necklaces are hand sewn with richly colored Czech seed beads and achieve the same rich, elegant look as the prized Hawaiian Jewelry (at a fraction of the price.)

We were designing our first line of jewelry, when we hit on the idea to use magnetic clasps embedded in beautiful silver or copper caps. Thanks to these beautiful magnetic clasps our beaded necklaces, pendants and bracelets can be combined in multiple ways. Premier JewelryWe love it as it allows one to adjust the length of the necklace with ease and dress a look up or down instantly.

Our Mayalei premier jewelry is made with fine silver, copper, brass and gorgeous Czech seed beads. At Chick Boss we set out to make jewelry for professional women. Therefore our jewelry is high quality, contemporary, while reflecting elements of the indigenous aesthetic that inspired it.

Finally, we have a mission to help women and youth in San Andres, Guatemala and the region of the Peten. The artisans we employee had access to only the most back breaking work until now. It was work of their own making such as gathering firewood or selling cut fruit door to door. Even with this work they scraped by. We are working to provide employment that will help them thrive and help the next generation go to college.